Unfaithful Spouse Investigation

Some people suspect their spouses of being unfaithful but need proof to decide if it’s time to move on. A private investigator can help you uncover the truth and restore faith in your marriage.


Suspicions can be aroused by a number of things, including unexplained charges on credit card bills, increased work late hours, or sudden changes in behavior.

Identifying a Cheating Partner

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, it’s important to act quickly. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get the confirmation that you need.

In most cases, the initial signs of cheating are a result of a sudden change in a partner’s behavior. This could include a lack of interest in intimacy, a change in sex preference or an increase in conflict in the relationship.

Another sign of infidelity is a shift in a partner’s privacy and security habits. For example, they may suddenly start to hide their phone, or they might be reluctant to let you see call logs and text messages. They might also begin to withdraw money from their bank account without telling you where it’s going or why.

If you notice any of these changes in your partner, it’s vital to choose the right PI. Make sure that the PI you hire has experience with infidelity investigations and has a strong reputation. It’s also important to be committed to the investigation and provide your PI with all of the information that you have, including any evidence that you have gathered on your own. Holding anything back from your PI will only complicate the investigation and hinder its success. The PI will be able to better serve you by having all of the facts at his or her disposal.

Choosing a PI

While you may be able to spot a few signs of cheating on your own, such as unexplained phone charges or text messages, hiring a professional can help you confirm and put the matter to rest. PIs are trained to observe discreetly without coming across as suspicious or obtrusive, so they can collect evidence of infidelity with little risk. Additionally, a PI is familiar with legal regulations in each jurisdiction, so they’re less likely to run into trouble with the law while shadowing your spouse.

Despite the advantage of being legally permitted to gather evidence, private investigators are not infallible. Clients often want ironclad guarantees that they’ll be provided with certain evidence-a smoking gun video of their spouse having an affair, for instance. However, a reputable PI knows that their work is inherently unpredictable and they should only promise to pursue every avenue that’s available to them.

A PI’s license and years of experience can give them a unique perspective on your case. Ask them what methods they think are most appropriate for your situation and make sure that their answers are clear. In addition, ask about their privacy and confidentiality policies. Ensure that they’ll respect your concerns and that the information they gather for you will be legally admissible in court, should you decide to file for divorce.

Committing to the Investigation

Many times a spouse suspects their partner of infidelity they become consumed with anger, confusion and pain. These emotions can cause a lot of ongoing issues in the home and family regardless of whether there is actually any infidelity.

It is essential for the wronged spouse to commit fully to the investigation. This includes being open and honest with the PI, answering any questions and providing all documentation that is requested. Holding back information, especially things that could incriminate yourself, will only delay the investigation and may even prevent the PI from uncovering the truth.

It is also wise to seek counseling for the both of you, as a neutral professional can help you process feelings and ask tough questions. They can also guide you if you decide to end the marriage.

Obtaining Proof

It can be emotionally draining to uncover proof of infidelity, but a PI will use professional techniques to ensure privacy and legality. They may have to conduct surveillance for days or weeks in order to gather sufficient evidence. The investigator will also interview any individuals with information about the affair. Having physical proof of an affair, such as photos or videos, can provide valuable negotiation leverage and peace of mind.

Regardless of how thorough the investigation is, there are certain things that are never worth risking to obtain evidence, such as hacking your spouse’s personal devices or installing key loggers on their computer. These tactics are illegal in most states and can expose you to litigation. Before taking action, seek legal advice about what you can do and what you should not do.

Pay attention to changes in your spouse’s behavior, including their workweek and social activities. If they start coming home late and become irritated and defensive when you ask about their whereabouts, this could be a sign that they are having an affair.

The truth can be painful, but it’s better than being left in the dark about a betrayal that could end your marriage. Once you have the facts, it’s easier to deal with the betrayal and heal as a couple or separately as necessary.