What Snake Food Should You Feed Your Snake?

If you’re wondering what to feed your snake, there are several different options. You can try a pre-killed rodent, frozen mice, and store-bought chicken, or you can buy fresh meat. These are all safe options for your pet. However, if you want to be sure your snake won’t get sick, you should follow these instructions for proper feeding. 도마뱀분양

Pre-killed prey

Pre-killed prey is an excellent source of snake food. The smell and movement of the prey attract snakes. When the snake catches a piece of food, it will usually flick its tongue and strike. It may take several minutes to strike, so be patient.

Besides saving you the hassle of raising prey yourself, it is safer for your snake to be fed pre-killed prey. Live prey is expensive and you can never be sure if you will get the right size for your pet. Pre-killed prey is available at some pet stores.

Most snakes consume one prey per week. Pre-killed prey contains more nutrients. The frozen kill will not have as much nutrients, so you should avoid giving it to your snake. But, if you can’t afford live prey, you can always buy pre-killed mice and other animals.

Frozen rodents도마뱀분양

The best food for a snake is live rodents, not frozen. Live rodents are the most nutritious, since they haven’t lost any nutrients. Frozen rodents are not healthy for snakes, because they’re not digested properly. Although the marketing of frozen may have contributed to the misconception, feeding live rodents to a baby is probably not a good idea.

Live rodents require the proper space and care, and need to be provided on a regular basis. However, if you are unsure whether a snake would like a particular meal, you can try offering it a frozen mouse. This is a good choice for snakes that are picky or don’t like live mice.

Store-bought chicken

You can feed your snake meat from store-bought chicken, but there are several reasons why it should not be the only option. Chicken fillets are not balanced, and the bones will splinter and cause injury. Store-bought chicken will not offer the nutrients your snake needs to thrive.

도마뱀분양 Store-bought chicken may be contaminated with bacteria and must not be fed to snakes. Fresh or live chicken is best. If you have a large snake, rabbits are also a good option. Rabbits are smaller than chicken and will provide the same nutrients.

Store-bought chicken may be more nutritious, but it is not as complete as raw chicken. Snakes need all the pieces to properly digest it. A good alternative to store-bought chicken is to buy complete cuts of meat from a butcher. These cuts should include the head, eyes, and tail. You can then grind the meat and offer it to your snake. This method ensures that your snake gets all the nutrients from the animal.

Fresh meat

Fresh meat can be offered to a snake in two ways. The first is live, and the second is frozen and thawed. Snakes prefer live food. However, you must be careful when choosing the type of meat to feed your snake. Fresh meat is often unbalanced and contains bones, which may hurt your snake.

Snake meat is relatively low in fat and contains lots of protein, which is an important component of the human diet. It supplies amino acids, which are necessary for building cell walls and regulating hormones. In addition, it has only 93 calories per 100g of raw meat. This is about one third of the calories found in a sirloin steak. Therefore, it can be a great choice for people who are dieting.

When choosing what type of snake meat to feed your snake, choose a snake that is not a poisonous one. The diamondback is a good choice, since it has less of a gamey taste than other snake meat. The eastern diamondback is the second-longest rattlesnake in North America, after the western diamondback. You can also choose from rat snakes, copperheads, and common garter snakes, although these types are less common. Water moccasins, meanwhile, are not suitable as snake food, regardless of whether you season it properly.


Fish are a great alternative to mice and are an excellent source of protein for your snake. Freshly caught fish will be easily accepted by most snake species. Fish are also an excellent source of calcium. Some snake owners choose to feed their snakes whole fish. Fresh fish should be kept in a heavy ceramic crock and should be kept in a closed container to prevent the water from becoming too damp. This can also help maintain the right humidity levels in the tank.

Fish are good snake food, but they should not be fed to your pet on a daily basis. Some types of fish can be harmful to snakes because of the enzymes that they contain. Also, they don’t contain sufficient amounts of thiamine, a necessary vitamin for the snakes’ nervous system. A lack of thiamine can lead to nervous system disorders and even death.