What You Need to Know About a Quick Home Move

If you need to move quickly or have immediate housing needs, a quick move-in home may be the right option. While many new residents are content to rent an apartment or house for a year or more, you may be looking for something faster. These properties are typically located in convenient locations and are a good option if you don’t have much time to look around and 포장 이사 compare prices.

Spec or model home

If you’re looking for a new home and are in a hurry, you might want to consider a spec or model home. Model homes are usually built as a showcase of different floor plans in a new neighborhood and are sold when the neighborhood is finished. Spec homes, on the other hand, are built specifically for sale, and they can be cheaper than custom homes. Customizing or adding even small upgrades can add up quickly, and spec homes take that worry off your mind.

Spec homes are often finished, and they are available for purchase in most communities. However, some builders do not construct a model home, and they may not offer the floor plan that you want. Spec homes are often completed, so they have professionally coordinated countertops and cabinets, and they often have additional storage space in the pantry. When shopping for a spec home, remember to bring a measuring tape so that you can check that your furniture fits properly.

All-new construction

Quick move-in homes, or QMI homes, can be ready to move into in 90 days or less. They offer a wide range of amenities and are available in a wide range of designs. A typical QMI home may include a fully equipped gym, fitness classes, swimming pools, and walking trails.

One benefit of new construction homes is the ability to personalize your home. A new home will cost more per square foot than a move-in ready house, but you can choose to have your design customized. The downside of new construction homes is that they typically take 9-12 months to complete.


The price of a quick home move can vary. It may range anywhere from $12 to $16 per square foot, but the cost will depend on a number of factors, including the location of the new house. Moving to a rural area or on a curvy road will increase the cost, as moving companies will need to take special care while loading and unloading the home. Another factor is the distance between the new location and the current one.


A quick move-in home is a great option for residents who are relocating and need to find a place to live quickly. These homes are built with the latest building codes and high-quality materials. This means you don’t have to worry about unexpected repair costs and hidden damages. You can move into your new home quickly and start enjoying it right away.

These homes are often new constructions. This means you don’t have to spend time and energy customizing them. Everything is done by professionals who are familiar with the building process. They also provide you with a wide variety of floor plans and design features.


Timing your move can be key to the success of the entire process. It’s important to begin planning well in advance, so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. This means exploring options, planning ahead, and taking action. As with any move, timing depends on your needs. If you’re moving from an apartment to a single-family home, for example, you’ll need more time to prepare the house and pack your belongings.